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Reading Rockets!

Ignite your child's love for reading! Let us take them through fantastical worlds and mysterious characters!

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4COMs Model

Read, Write, Speak! 2021

Our Read, Write, Speak! programme is tailored to bring out the best in your child. Our curriculum is based on our proprietary 4COMs Model, every class is structured to deliver 4 outcomes - COMprehend, COMpose, COMmunicate and COMposure. 


Math Master

Our Math Master programme is design to make Math fun and easy-to-understand. Our curriculum is based on our proprietary CHAMP Framework, every class is structured to deliver 4 outcomes - Competency, Heuristic Application, Mastery and Prepared for exams. 

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Xiao Qi Dian

Spark your child's love for Chinese

Build your child's foundational Chinese through immersive learning, interactive activities and dramatic reading. Let them explore, recreate mysterious worlds and amazing adventures through imagination and role-play.

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Reading Rockets!

Ignite your child's love for reading

Introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of books! We will take them through colourful characters and endless possibilities. Let their imagination run wild through the eyes of Gruffalo, Zog and other fantastical creatures.  

Doing Homework

Homework Guidance

Too busy to keep up with you child's never-ending homework, spelling tests and assignments? Want to focus on bonding with your child instead of frustrations? Our programme provides professional and qualified guidance, and a conducive environment for your child to optimise homework time.


No Lock In Period

Tired of paying upfront by the term? Frustrated at the hidden costs? Why be locked in when you should have the flexibility to choose? 

At Future Sparks, there is no need to fork out everything at once. Fees are billed monthly and what you see is what you pay.

It is really that simple.