4COMs Model

We are an ethical learning academy. We teach our students to be global citizens who are critical thinkers and self-aware. We create a positive environment for our students to be themselves and speak up. Our team members are treated with respect and dignity, and with kindness and generosity. We also create a sustainable ecosystem where we pay it forward and support local enterprises.


The framework guides what we teach, what we do, and how we treat our students, team members, and stakeholders. It is anchored by Ethical Curriculum, Ethical Environment, and Sustainable Development. 


Ethical Curriculum

Our proprietary curriculum is thematically based and designed to promote critical thinking, civic literacy, and social awareness. The themes are curated to provoke a deep intellectual response to encourage students to evaluate and assess issues in a holistic manner. Students can learn better and more effectively through the Cognitive Learning Process - a proven teaching methodology where student learns through stimulus and responses.


Ethical Enviroment

We are all creatures of our environment. Given the right environment, every one has the opportunity to achieve their dreams. We provide a positive and nurturing environment for our students, team members, and vendors. 

An ethical environment is one where we strive to be the best version of ourselves to inspire others to become the best version of themselves. We espouse positivity, empowerment, kindness, humility, and dignity.  

We are an equal opportunities learning academy.


Sustainable Development

We believe strongly in giving back to society and supporting local enterprise. We believe that volunteerism should be part of our culture and society as a whole. Such exposure would broaden young minds and inspire them to achieve goals beyond their wildest dreams. 

United against our fight against COVID19, we support local enterprises by partnering with local charities and SMEs wherever possible.