The Art of Creative Writing

(P4 to P6)

A four-day writing retreat to introduce students to creative expression. The camp will explore different ways of engaging with scenes through visual storytelling and creative writing prompts.


Students will be introduced to the foundations of in-scene writing which is a technique in fiction writing that encourages reader engagement.


At the end of the camp, students will have a portfolio of short writing pieces and beginnings of their own stories.

Public Speaking and Confidence Building

(P1 to P6)

Public speaking and effective communications are some of the most important life skills that a child should be exposed to as early as possible. The ability to articulate your thoughts concisely and accurately is an advantage that can be felt from school to work. 


This programme is designed to build confidence, develop empathy, polish communications, strengthen collaborations, and improve presentation.

小起点 Chinese Holiday Programme (N2 to K2)

Getting our young ones interested in Chinese is getting more and more challenging. It is critical to expose children to different languages as early as possible when they are forming their cognitive ability. 

Our programme aims to stimulate interest through interactive games and storytelling. We will teach them characters through hands on activities and handicrafts and speak better Chinese through role playing. All these to spark the love of Chinese from young.