Revise or Relax During the Holidays?

Now that you know how well (or not) your child did in school - should you sign them up for revision classes or reward them by letting them enjoy themselves?

5 Reasons Why Your Children Should Revise Over the Holidays

1. Routine is essential

Children have established a strict routine over the past year (despite COVID). School holidays are important for children to recharge however maintaining this routine is critical. The first time a child sits down to study can be challenging but just like a habit, it becomes 2nd nature and more manageable once the routine has been established.

2. Revise, Catch Up and Be Prepared

Holidays offer an excellent opportunity for children to re-learn the concepts they had challenges with. Without the pressure of tests, mountains of homework and other distractions, children can take their time to explore and learn at their own pace.

Future Sparks is offering an Excel at English Bootcamp that is designed to meet these outcomes. The bootcamp goes over past concepts and prepares students for the next academic year.

Future Sparks' SGUnited promotion of $100 off all classes is ongoing, click here to find out more.

3. Your Brain is NOT on Holiday

Our brain is a muscle and needs constant activity, and mental stimulation to be at its optimal. Revision (however unpopular) keeps your child's brain warmed-up so that it hits the ground running and not be stuck at 1st gear when school re-opens.

4. Build Confidence

This benefit of revision is often overlooked - a student who does well in class tend to be more confident and assured. The student would build on this by taking on more challenging tasks and gain more confidence, thus creating a virtuous cycle.

Revision allow students to build their confidence in a safe environment and away from the pressures associated with school.

5. Meet New Friends

Even in COVID times, children need friends. Small group activities allow children to learn and make mistakes together. Such immersive techniques are used by Future Sparks so that children can learn by doing and learning off the group. Research has shown that immersive learning is more effective than one-way communication (lecture style).

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