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Upper Thomson may be just a short stretch of road but it is full of bustle and hustle. Lined with hipster cafes, burger bars, authentic bakeries and many others, you may overlook that it is also a tuition hub due to its centralised location and free parking. How do you choose from the many centres? Let us summarise the highlights of the centres there.

1. Future Sparks Learning Academy

Future Sparks Learning Academy is boutique English and Math learning centre formed in 2019. Their proprietary curriculum have helped numerous students improved their grades and confidence. Their programmes emphasize on helping students to not only improve their grammar and writing but also to build their presentation skills. They also focus on character building and current affairs - they do so by incorporating articles on topics such as cyber bullying, climate change and empowerment into their teaching materials.

Their holiday programmes on Public Speaking proved a hit during the 2020 school holidays and received many good feedback. You can check out their instagram account here. They also have a cosy library for students to spend their downtime reading.

Programmes: "Read, Write, Speak" for P1 to P6 English, Math Master for P1 to P6 Math

Cost: $55/class (2 hours), payable monthly, no upfront payment

2. Aspire Hub

Established in 2001, the Aspire Hub Education Group focuses primarily on assisting students achieve their academic goals. Their coaches are trained to provide quality, focused sessions to help students gain confidence, improve self-esteem and ready to meet the academic challenges ahead.

The group has various branches around the island but not all teaches the same subjects and levels. The Upper Thomson branch teaches secondary and JC students only.

Cost: Up to $400 a month

3. Hua Cheng Education Centre

Hua Cheng was spearheaded by a team of experienced NIE trained teachers in the year 2000. With the advice from former Assoc Professor from NIE-NTU, they developed our own curriculum and teaching methods in the teaching of Chinese language.

They have Mandarin classes for early childhood (N2 to K2), primary school and secondary school. They currently have 10 branches located around the island.

Cost: $539 to $714 per term (excluding registration fees and deposit)

4. Eteva Minds

Eteva Minds is a premium centre that recently opened up along Upper Thomson and focuses on P5 and P6 Math and Science only. Despite their recent entrance, they are veterans of the field and have more than 10 years experience teaching students. Their approach is inspired by Finland's education system.

Cost: $715 per term (1hr 45 mins per class)

5. The Science Lab Learning Centre

The Science Lab Learning Centre was established in 2012 with goal of instilling passion for Science. They provide interactive science education service for Primary and Secondary school students. Teaching essence of tenacity, success and leadership to our students regardless of levels, we hope to be able to nurture future life changers.

They have programmes for Primary and Secondarys students as well as robotics classes.

Cost: Not published

Note: Information provided may be revised by providers. Please check with them directly for more information.

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