Where to help my children's homework?

Homework, it strikes fear and frustration into the hearts of all children and parents. It is a necessary evil because without homework, how can one practice what was taught in school, master concepts and actually excel in a subject?

Many parents tend to oversee homework completion themselves and from feedback, almost ALL find it to be an excruciating and frustrating experience for them and their children. Somehow it is genetically engineered that you explode into a ball of fury when you teach / tutor your children because you care too much and therefore cannot remain objective.

We understand this and have experienced the exact same things as well. So we have compiled a list of options / tools to help the long suffering parents out there.

Online Homework Help

Online homework help is an international website that helps you with your assignments and homework. They provide many types of services from proofreading to referencing for your dissertation and thesis for an array of subjects. They assign experts with PhD to help with your essays, including tips on how to improve it.

Facebook Groups

This is a huge resource for parents. There are many community-based Facebook groups such as Maths Model Method and PSLE Hub which provide crowd-sourced answers to individual questions, and the response rates are pretty impressive. Personally, these groups work great when you are doing some last minute cramping for an exam. However, these groups are usually for Math and not for other subjects - perhaps it is not so easy to comment on composition or comprehension.

Homework Guidance Class

Future Sparks offer a new service in Singapore by having qualified teachers go through homework with your children in a conducive environment. Your child gets personalised attention and is able to concentrate on homework efficiently instead of getting distracted every 5 mins by the TV, siblings, cooking, birds flying past etc.

It also internalises homework time - when they reach our centre, they switch into homework mode and give their full attention for that 2 hours, after which they can relax and go home to a stress-free environment. A home should be a sanctuary - parents and children should feel safe and be able to relax, and focus on quality family bonding.

So take the stress out of homework and check out the options above!

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